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Special Fried Rice

Rice / Garlic / Ginger / King Prawns /
Spring Onion / Hoi Sin Sauce / Oyster Sauce / Sesame Oil / Peas /Spring onions / MSG(optional)

Fried Rice Cooking Tip!

1.  Rinse King Prawns in cold water
2. Dice Ginger and Garlic
3. Thinly slice Onions

Cooking Instructions

1. Add oil to pan follow by cooked rice (2 cups),      stir until rice is soft then push to oneside
2. Empty side, make scramble egg then stir everything together
3. Add cooked King Prawns and stir for 2 min
4. Add chopped spring onion/pea stir for 2 min
5. Add 4 tbs Dark soy sauce, 2 tbs of sesame oil, 1 tbls of rice seasoning, pinch of msg stir for 1 min and serve
6. Add chilli oil if you like it spicy

2 Persons

15 Mins


King Prawns


Dark Soy Sauce

Hoi Sin Sauce

Oyster Sauce


Sesame Oil

Chilli Oil



Flavour Enhancer

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